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Why is Vitamin D needed?

Vitamin D contributes to normal growth and development in children, is necessary for normal bone structure, maintenance of normal teeth and the immune system.

Because it is not recommended to expose infants to sunlight and it may also be difficult to receive sufficient Vitamin D from a normal diet, Vitamin D supplements for infants and children may be required.

Puria® Vitamin D drops are suitable as a source of Vitamin D to assist in cases of Vitamin D deficiency or as an easy of way ensuring that your child is receiving regular Vitamin D.

If you are unsure if this supplement is right for your child, contact your medical health professional.

How much Puria® Vitamin D drops need to be taken?

Only 1 drop of Puria® Vitamin D drops is required daily.  Each drop of Puria® Vitamin D drops contains 400IU of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol 10mcg).

The bottle contains an in-built dropper that dispenses a single drop when the bottle is tipped up on a 45° angle.  Do not shake.  Allow a few seconds for the drop to form, as it may not come out immediately.

How long will a bottle of Puria® Vitamin D drops last?

Each bottle of Puria® Vitamin D drops contains 90 drops, so at 1 drop daily, each bottle will last for 3 months.

Why is the bottle not filled to the top?

Puria® Vitamin D drops are packed in a standard 10mL bottle.  We have tested the product thoroughly to ensure that there are 90 drops, and that each drop delivers the recommended dosage, and to achieve this the bottle is filled to the optimal level (i.e. it is partly filled).


Supplementation is not recommended when hypercalcaemia, hypervitaminosis D or renal osteodystrophy with hyperphosphataemia is present.

Care should be taken when considering supplementation in the presence of atherosclerosis or cardiac function impairment, hypersensitivity to vitamin D, renal function impairment, or sarcoidosis.2

Consult your health professional if you require further advice of information

Keep out of reach of children

What if there is a reaction to taking Puria® Vitamin D Drops?

Puria® Vitamin D drops do not contain sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives, and have no added gluten, dairy or yeast, however in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction seek medical advice.

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